Show remaining time on any date and to any date

Starting from version 2.16 ZW supports two new fields in the date parsing, the "R" and the "T", first one will allow to show "remaining" time since the date up to now, the second will show the total amount till now, both support "h" for hours, "m" for minutes and "d" for days. 

From version 2.22 its also possible to set a fixed date in the future or in the past using #Dyyyymmddhhmm....# and do the calculations for that. For example if you take the next alarm date #SAD...# you can write #SADRd'days,' Rh'h' Rm'm'# to show "2 days, 2h 3m". 

But what if i do not want to show the days but i still want to know if date will be past the 24 hours? Well, you can then use "T" which shows total amount, so #SADTh# will show you how many hours till next alarm even if there are more than 24, so if you have an alarm in 3 days it will show 72 hours, same for minutes. 

This feature applies to all date field, so the old "calendar remaining time" (#C0R...#) and "alarm time left" (#SAL...#) are now obsolete (but still working). From 2.22 as said you can also use this on fixed dates, so, some examples:
Time to midnight: #D0000Rhh'h 'Rmm'm'# will render "2h 03m" at 09.57pm
Time to new year #D01010000Rd' days 'Rhh'h 'Rmm'm'# now renders "241 days 12h 07m"

Off course you can also use this in progress bars for example if you want to have, don't know, a progress bar which shows how much time is left till your birthday or whatever. Enjoy!

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