Translate Zooper Widget in your language

ZW is a text based widget so translations are very very important to make it look nice in your language. Currently most of the strings can be translated except the “numbers to text” conversion which is English only right now (i am working on it though) and the help screens that are loaded from html so are slightly more complex to handle.

The first thing that needs to be localized is probably the weather text because its actually affecting how things are displayed on screen, configuration items come next. Translation tool is available here:

Please be aware of these generic rules while editing the xml/online:
  • Always escapes apostrophes with a backslash like \’
  • Do not edit anything that its inside the # because its part of the ZW pattern matching code
  • Keep the file in UTF-8 and use an UTF-8 compatible editor
  • Try to keep case the same (so if string is “This Is An Apple” avoid rewriting it as “translated apple” all lowecase)
  • Try (if possible) to keep string length roughly the same in configuration items, in long messages this is not a big issue
Translations will be automatically used after the 50% mark has been reached.
Thanks a LOT to anyone willing to help on this!!!!

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