Android permissions

What follows is the list of permissions that ZW is currently requiring. If you are running Android 4.3 or better you can filter / disable the permissions you do not use, please check at the end of this page.
  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION is used to get WiFi/Cellular based position
  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is used to get cached GPS location if any (ZW will not bring up GPS locking however if someone else did recently there is no reason to ask again, even via WiFi, so this data is used)
  • LOCATION as above
  • INTERNET access is required for weather data
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is used to understand if network access is available before requesting a network update (es weather)
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permits getting WiFi network name and signal strength
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is needed to store the templates
  • READ_CALENDAR is used to read Calendar data
  • BROADCAST_STICKY is necessary because of an Android bug (details here)
  • READ_PHONE_STATE permits getting the phone signal strength
  • ACCESS_ALL_DOWNLOADS is used to allow import of “zw” files downloaded from the interned (introduced in 1.8)
  • READ_SMS is used to get SMS unread count (introduced in 2.02)
  • READ_CALL_LOG is used to get MISSED CALLS count (introduced in 2.02)
  • GET_ACCOUNTS is used to list Gmail accounts (for Gmail unread)
  • gm.permission.READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER is used to read Gmail labels and get unread count

Disable single permissions on Android 4.3
Android 4.3 provides an hidden feature to selectively disable single permissions but in order to access this menu you will need a third party app called App Ops Starter available for free on the Play Store. Once installed just select ZW from the app list and toggle the permissions you do not want to allow. Please note that permissions will not be shown unless used, so, for example, if you want to remove READ_SMS you need first to use it in the widget (by adding unread SMS count for example) and then you will be able to disable it (this is also a good way to see if an app actually uses a permissions or not).

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