Date format

Every Zooper Widget date field (calendar, astronomy, free date and so on) supports free format following rules below. Please note that these fields are case sensitive!!! 

You can use these fields everywhere the "free date" expression is used (like #D...# free date).

Dday in year9
DDday in year (2 digit zero pad)09
DDDday in year (3 digit zero pad)009
Eday of week (short)Tue
EEEEday of week (long)Tuesday
fday of week (number)2
Fday of week in month2 (2nd Wed in July)
Gera designatorAD
Hhour in day (0-23)0
HHhour in day (00-23, 2 digit zero pad)00
Khour in am/pm (0-11)0
KKhour in am/pm (00-11, 2 digit zero pad)00
Phour according to phone settings (00-11 or 24H)0
PPhour according to phone settings (00-11 or 24H, 2 digit zero pad)00
pam/pm marker according to phone settings (hidden when 24H is active)am
Lstand-alone monthJuly / 07
lnumber of days in month31
Mmonth in year7
MMmonth in year (2 digit zero pad)07
MMMmonth in year (short name)Oct
MMMMmonth in year (long name)October
Wweek in month2
Ztime zone (RFC 822)-0800
aam/pm markerPM
dday in month9
ddday in month (2 digit zero pad)09
hhour in am/pm (1-12)12
hhhour in am/pm (01-12, 2 digit zero pad)12
khour in day (1-24)24
kkhour in day (1-24, 2 digit zero pad)24
mminute in hour30
mmminute in hour (2 digit zero pad)30
wweek in year7
wwweek in year (2 digit zero pad)07
ztime zone (short)PST
zzzztime zone (long)Pacific Standard Time
RRemaining time (see countdown section)
TTotal Remaining time (see countdown section)

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