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  • Added #STEMP# will r eturn C if Celsius are in use, F otherwise
  • Added +/- operators to date (so #D+10PP:mm# will show date 10 mins from now
  • Added free date of estimated full battery discharge/charge (#BCT...#)
  • Added automatic sunrise / sunset mode in default scalable iconset
  • Added select all to module list
  • Added simplified Chinese
  • Fixed resources not being loaded/saved on some templates (fonts, bitmaps)
  • Fixed screen flickering when main action is set to disabled
  • Fixed unread email count with GMail 4.7
  • Fixed "disabled" action issues

Previous releases:

  • Mass move of multiple items now possible
  • Added #DP# and #Dp# for automatic 12h/24h text clocks according to system settings
  • Added #SMODE# in Iconsets to compare against current mode string before parsing
  • Fixed "corrupted" issue on commercial templates
  • Fixed preview not saved on some devices
  • Fixed external fonts in ZW folder not saved
  • Faster template load
  • Added Bitmap / BitmapIconset opacity and drawing mode options
  • Controls are enabled even if Advanced Parameters are in use
  • Commercial APK format changed, please read
  • Fixed all day issue in Calendars
  • Bitmap Picker fixes
  • Commercial APKs now supported (see
  • Modules can be renamed
  • Added Bitmap advanced parameter to set filename
  • Preferences improvements
  • Fixed duplicate file issue in save as APK
  • Fixed issue with Bitmaps disappearing
  • Fixed advanced parameters in series
  • Fixed gradient in non split progress bars
  • Fixed gmail unread when using priority inbox
  • Fixed ASU signal level for CDMA and LTE (Android 4.2 or better only)
  • Fixed Rotation when Advanced Parameters
  • Full screen widgets should work now
  • New analog clock templates
  • Added Finnish (thanks living_death!!)
  • Added Swedish (thanks GregorS)
  • APK plugins are now supported see
  • Iconsets and Fonts can now be saved also in ZooperWidget folder
  • New Astronomy vars (#AISDAY#, moonphase degrees #MP#)
  • Added WiFi status (#NWSTATE#), Cell status (#NCSTATE#) and Data status (#NDATAON#)
  • Automatic scaling of templates on load
  • Bitmap rotation is now more "smooth" (thank Bill!)
  • Added GMailL unread support (multiple accounts, multiple labels)
  • Calendar ALLDAY should be displayed correctly now
  • Fixed battery time left on some devices (thanks Ryan!)
  • Multiple identical tags allowed in advanced parameters
  • Autosave can be disabled
  • Better image picker (support for some iconpacks too!)
  • Monthly data cycle for traffic stats now supports any start date
  • Added "l" to date, so #Dl# shows days in current month
  • Shadow support in progress bars
  • Text width can now be fixed to avoid curving issues
  • Boolean and nested operators supported in conditionals (&& ||)
  • More powerful Math Parser, see
  • Weather now supports pressure, wind speed, wind direction and humidity
  • Show shell command output (even parsed, thanks Fredrik!)
  • Removed background blink on touch, added support for popup widget shortcuts
  • Short conditionals won't work anymore (sorry)
  • Templates are now stored in the "Templates" subfolder, old ones are moved automatically
  • Alarm free date should work on more devices now
  • Regexp comparison allowed (like "hello ~ h.l")
  • Fixed Bitmap quality issues
  • Added Korean translation by David Cho, AB Networks
  • Fixed crash for 2.28
  • Advanced Parameters, now everything is possible! (beta see
  • Widget wide scaling option (beta)
  • Layout now works on a single bitmap (overlap will always work), this might change a bit layout when rotating screen, sorry
  • Advanced internal caching, widgets are repainted only when content changes
  • Fixed battery time since unplugged and left
  • Fixed iconsets/fonts loading bug
  • Fixed progress bar issues with custom min values
  • Corrupted templates should not block anymore
  • Calendar read ahead is now 1 year
  • Added Croatian (thanks Luka)
  • Added Bitmap module (yeeee!)
  • Curving Rects (=Arcs) now possible
  • Outline drawing now possible in Progress Bars (beta)
  • Fixed battery disconnect time (#BDT...#)
  • Completed Bulgarian (thanks yuli_d!)
  • Expressions inside conditionals (es: $(3+1*2/4)$ -> 3.5)
  • Fixed rendering issue on some Samsung devices
  • Added Bulgarian (partial, thanks yuli_d!)
  • Added Star Trek Stardate (thanks Giovanni!)
  • Many fixes and performance improvements
  • Arbitrary dates can be defined in #D...# pattern see
  • Time left to ANY date (even custom) now possible (days to birthday, days to new year and so on)
  • Added landscape mode in Global Options (beta)
  • Empty "short" conditionals
  • Fixed remaining time calculations
  • Added "used space" for filesystems
  • New fonts
  • Fixed bug on new template loader
  • Various UI improvements
  • Manual progress bar editor
  • Traffic data stats WiFi/Cellular for day/week/month
  • New variables (CPU, used/total MEM, calendar color)
  • Rich text now works inside conditionals
  • Added escape in conditionals (\: and \?)
  • Added Japanese (partial, thanks T390!)
  • Added Hebrew (partial, thanks hagaig!)
  • Fixed rich text left/right alignment
  • Fixed series rotation issue (sorry might break some design)
  • Fixed rich text color tag (now supports alpha and short ARGB/RGB format)
  • Fixed #C0D# all day check
  • Slightly changed battery series
  • YRNO bug fix on some device
  • Translations updated
  • Rich Text parameters can now contain variables
  • Added pattern conditions (beta) see
  • Added hours/minutes remaining function to all dates see
  • Added short connection type (3g, 2g, H+...)
  • Added new series (week with number, battery)
  • Buzz Launcher support (PRO only)
  • Fixed manual location issues
  • Added advanced cut option to [tr]
  • Updated translations
  • Added progress module (beta, check ProgressClock template)
  • Fixed location / weather issues
  • Added YRNO Weather provider
  • Added signal type (#NCCONN#) 3g/2g/edge/umts
  • Fixed wrong grid size on Tablets
  • Fixed on click actions for bookmarks
  • Fixed remaining time for calendar events and next alarm
  • Updated translations
  • Rewritten on click action helper with shortcuts (pro only)
  • Added Brazilian (thanks Diogo)
  • Minor fixes
  • Average temp on forecasts (TEMP/TEMPN)
  • Fixed missed calls count
  • Added READ_CONTACTS to fix missed calls issues on some device
  • Celsius now default on non US countries
  • Fixed save in location picker
  • Fixed rich text "limit" bug
  • Added "drawing mode" to all modules, (see
  • Added next days sunrise/sunset to parser
  • Added shadow to rich text
  • Added ROM name long
  • Added last good weather update
  • Fixed center alignment for Rich Text
  • Better memory efficiency after exiting configuration
  • Added "outline" option to Rect, you can create empty rects and circles now
  • Added "text to minutes" ([nm]) and "text to ordinal short" ([no]) in rich text
  • Added "crop text" in rich text ([tr])
  • New templates (Clockr, JBClock, BlockClock)
  • Small memory fix on Rich Text (sorry for short update)
  • Translations updated
  • Added Russian (thanks ???µd??!!)
  • Default Weather now Open Weather Map, 6 days forecast available (only on new installs, existing ones have to change provider in Global Settings -> Weather Provider)
  • Fixed battery time remaining issue
  • Better item spacing in vertical series
  • Added Czech (thanks marram!)
  • Small Fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Added French, thanks Pierre-Henri and Nicolas!
  • Added Italian
  • Added Iconsets "modes"
  • Added Bitmap iconsets, with battery and weather
  • Advanced user can create new iconsets (see
  • Added permission ACCESS_ALL_DOWNLOADS to import downloaded templates
  • Added next alarm free date and alarm left free date
  • Fixed small application list issues
  • Fixed internal/sd free space bug
  • New LeftWIcon template
  • Better battery updates on N4, thanks Stefan!
  • Added Dutch, thanks Marc!
  • New icons by
  • Added Spanish (thanks Antonio!)
  • Fixed DST issues on Sunset/Sunrise
  • Touch area fixes, touch actions should work on landscape as well on Jelly Bean or better
  • Fixed big widgets update issues (will fall back to a single anchor)
  • Location update fixes
  • Added "use different rgeocoder" option
  • Fixed celsius conversion broken by 1.68
  • Fixed save template broken by 1.68
  • Astrological/Nautical/Civil/Moon sunrise/sunset added
  • Added vars Android Version, ROM name, phone Model, internal storage free/used
  • Any filesystem can be monitored with the (undocumented) #SF....# for free space in "...." and #ST....# for total
  • Added "on click to add" in available fields screen
  • Multiple Calendars can be selected
  • Widgets can be renamed
  • External fonts are now stored in the templates
  • Pro can import ".zw" files directly from disk or emails
  • Better lockscreen resize
  • Fixed force English option
  • Removed Jelly Bean resize, causing issues, kept on lockscreen only
  • Fixed all day events displaying in wrong day (finally!)
  • Better update mechanism
  • Added support for Jelly Bean MR1 lockscreen
  • Better resize on Jelly Bean
  • Fixed wrong bottom and center positioning of series (sorry if it screws up some layout)
  • Added new fonts and the 2x4 "vertical month" template
  • Fixed day/night in meteo icons
  • Added "force English" option
  • Calendar read ahead is now 1 month
  • Calendar all day time should be ok now
  • Added Greek (thanks Giannisj5)
  • Added Swedish (thanks Lars)
  • Added German (thanks Dominik)
  • Icons support (beta)
  • Various CPU usage optimizations
  • Fixed tap to launch issues on some device
  • Added option to hide all day events from calendar
  • Added traditional chinese (thanks Leo!!)
  • Added polish (thanks Tomasz!!)
  • Added option for numeric temperature (WCTEMPN, W0MINN, W0MAXN)
  • Added option for numeric battery level and status
  • Added signal strength vars for WiFi (0-9 or RSSI) and Cell (ASU or dBm)
  • Added drop shadow to series
  • Added fields for calendar name, location and time remaining
  • Fixed "current centered" bug on dayofthemonth series
  • Added MB only (numeric) SD free space and SD total space
  • Fixed some template (like the Commuter)
  • Made the widget "without margins", so it can reach the edge on supported launchers this might slightly change the layout you created, sorry but i had a lot of request, see this post for more info.
  • Added "f" to date parser for "day of the week in number" (tnx Valeryi)
  • Added option to use home background as preview background (still beta)
  • Week should start on the correct day depending on locale (so Monday in EU)
  • Fixed series text alignment (this could screw up some layout, sorry, but it was necessary)
  • Changed weather caching (weather will need to update, might show "unknown" for a while)
  • City and country should be displayed in the correct Locale (tnx Teppo)
  • Added text conversion modes to series
  • Fixed month series length
  • Tasker variables are now supported, please check the website for more info
  • Added support for Series (day, month, dayofweek)
  • Small fix on preview screen
  • Rotation anchors to LEFT or RIGHT of the text if text align is set to LEFT or RIGHT
  • Calendar to display can now be selected on a per widget basis
  • Calendar all day events are displayed correctly (from midnight to 11:59PM)
  • Added aggressive update option (thanks Jason)
  • Better cpu usage on screen off (thanks Alexander)
  • Widgets are all resizable now
  • Weather fixes, humidity is working now
  • Multiple on click actions (beta, portrait only, PRO)
  • New Templates
  • Current IPv4 address

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