Enabling debug mode

Sometimes, especially on Android, fixing issues is not that easy and some more information is needed from the user, because of that, starting from version 1.80 ZW includes a “debug mode” to help collecting log data. This facility is available on both free and pro releases.

In order to activate it please proceed as follows:
  • Enter the main configuration from the Launcher icon (on the application list, not by clicking a widget)
  • Long press the “Email developer” preference a message will appear saying “Debug mode set to: true”
  • Reproduce the issue you are having
  • Just after the issue, go back to the config and press (normally) “Email developer”, a report id will be added to the email and a report will be sent in the background. Only application data will be added, no personal information or data from any other app will be included.
  • After sending the email just go back to preferences (always from launcher), long press again the “Email developer” option and wait for the “Debug mode set to: false” message to appear. This will completely deactivate the debug going back to the original configuration.

You can keep debug mode always on if you want, from a resource point of view it won’t hurt much. Logs can also be collected with ADB, if youprefer , but only after debug mode has been activated, this is however more advanced.

P.S. if you are reading this, thanks for your support fixing the issue!!!

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